Syracuse, NY – On September 4th, 2013

Brothers of Kappa Chapter hosted a high school student organization called Urban Ambassadors. The organization seeks to build students’ capacity to combat the academic, social and psychological challenges associated with student achievement and college aspirations. Brothers spoke upon how to prepare for their senior year and the application process for colleges. Brothers touched on the great opportunities Syracuse University has to offer not only through Greek life but the many other orgs and relationships that can be built here on campus. At the same time each brother was able to give their personal road and journey to college which many of the students were able to relate to.  The students then enlightened the brothers on their future goals and aspirations as they get ready to start the next chapter of their lives in college.

Syracuse, NY – On September 5th, 2013

Brothers of Kappa Chapter along with the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Iota Upsilon chapter and men of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity participated in the "Welcome Back to School Day" at Westside Academy Middle School in Syracuse, NY. Brothers assisted in the packaging and handing out of school supplies to students as they arrived for their first day of classes. This is an essential program to have in the Syracuse community schools, because many times families cannot afford to get their child all the necessary supplies for school. Being that “Scholarship” is one of our most dear principles, when a child has all the essential tools, such as school supplies, it will ultimately drive the student to be more successful.

Syracuse, NY – On Monday September 23

The brothers of Kappa Chapter held a forum at Syracuse University called “For Good or Evil: Social Media in Today’s Society.” After attending the 2013 International Leadership Conference in Kansas City this past August, it was clear that social media has profound effect on how the world views people.   The forum was open to all Syracuse University students and the community. The Brothers facilitated a discussion on the negatives of social media in today/s society and how to develop an effective personal brand for one’s self, and how to utilize this. Gateways ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn were all used to exemplify the importance of this concept.

Syracuse, NY – On September 24, 2013
On the campus of Syracuse University, the brothers of Kappa Chapter held their first SyraQUES: Undressing to Dress Others charity run. Brothers along with other students on campus brought clothes to the event and then went on a run throughout the campus. The charity run provided a definitive and positive reason to donate their own clothing items to dress people who need it more. All the clothing donations that were collected were donated to Catholic Charities of Onondaga County. This event was part of the Kappa chapter Omega week on campus.

Syracuse, NY – On September 26th, 2013

The brothers of Kappa Chapter held their annual Fall “Charles R. Drew Memorial Blood Drive” at Syracuse University with the women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Kappa Lambda Chapter. Brothers informed students and faculty about the significance of Bro. Charles R. Drew to the organization and his contributions he made to the medical world. Over 40 people from school and community attended the event and donated blood.  Blood drives like this, along with other ones in Syracuse, are essential in the community because the donations ultimately save people’s lives.

Syracuse, NY – On September 27th, 2013
The brothers of Kappa Chapter along with other Syracuse University students volunteered at The Franciscan Church of Assumption Soup Kitchen. The Franciscan Church of Assumption is located in the heart of Syracuse’s North side. It was founded in 1845, and has since sought to enlighten the community of Syracuse spiritually and support their physical needs. Brothers prepared and served food to people in the Syracuse community who were in need of a meal. It was clear to the brothers through the sincere gratitude of everyone that day that they had invested into the lives of the workers that run this pantry and the people who use this service on a regular basis.

Syracuse, NY – On September 27th
Brothers of Kappa chapter took part in the “Black & Banned” literacy event that was held at Syracuse University. Brothers individually read excerpts from books written by and about African Americans to the audience. With censorship continuing to be a problem for African Americans literature this event is essential in today’s society. Many books that are currently banned or not allowed to be read in classrooms are essential pieces of literature that would enrich the lives of students today.

Syracuse, NY – On October 12th and 19th, 2013
Brothers of Kappa Chapter volunteered at the Neighborhood Youth Recreation Program at Syracuse University. The NYRP was created to give youth in the Syracuse community the chance, regardless of where they stand financially, to engage in organized recreational activities. Brothers participated in a range of activities with the kids such as basketball and soccer. It’s very important for people our age to engage with youth, because not only are they learning the fundamentals of activities like basketball, but they are also gaining interpersonal skills that will benefit them in the future.

Syracuse, NY – On October 25th, 2013
The brothers of Kappa Chapter took part in the annual “Greek or Treat” at Syracuse University. Surrounding Syracuse elementary and middle schools gathered on the campus and went around the university’s fraternity row to join in the Halloween celebrations. Brothers gave out Halloween candy and face painting to the visiting children. This connection with the Syracuse youth is vital for the community and offers them a safe and positive way to celebrate Halloween.

Syracuse, NY- On Monday December 20th, 2013
The brothers of Kappa Chapter took part in the 14th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Clothing and Canned Food Drive in Syracuse, New York. The drive is put on by United Way of central New York in remembrance of the civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Brothers along with other organizations and people from the Syracuse community boxed up clothing and food donations. The collected goods were than packed and redistributed to various shelters, churches, and groups around the area. At the Peak of wintertime in Syracuse, this clothing and canned food drive is essential for many families in the community. It’s important to remember all the strives that Dr. King made as a civil rights leader, and that we must to give back to the community.